3-manifolds efficiently bound 4-manifolds by Costantino F., Thurston D.

By Costantino F., Thurston D.

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To get a section of π1 over ∂B, we / Sing(P ) need to choose how to connect the endpoints of the fi with curves in π1−1 (wi ). But wi ∈ and so π1−1 (wi ) is an oriented curve, so we connect the endpoints of fi and fi−1 through an oriented arc over wi . 6 to compute the gleam. We now construct a section B of π1 over B. To do this, let T (1) be the 1-skeleton of T and for each component Bi of B\π1 (T (1) ), choose a face Fi of T so that Bi ⊂ π1 (Fi ) and let Bi = π1−1 (Di ) ∩ Fi . One can choose the faces so that they fit coherently on the edges of T projecting inside B, because by construction, these edges correspond to noncritical points.

The legs of the graph F meet in an additional point at ∞. − 21 − 12 + 14 +1 − 12 + 14 − 21 Figure 21. The polyhedron (with two vertices) is used to complete the construction of P near the codimension-2 singularities of the second type. The boundary of the polyhedron (thicker in the picture) coincides with the boundary of the polyhedron P already constructed away from the singularity. has six edges, we have v(ei ) = 6t. i Let us now count the total number of segments of singular values in R2 (that is, the number of fi ).

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