50 Bosses Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz

By Justin Racz

Satirist Justin Racz, writer of the wildly winning 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, returns to the realm of booths, water coolers, and boardrooms-this time concentrating on the workingman's final nemesis: his boss. From the bullies to the bureaucrats to the bunglers, bosses are as unavoidable as they're unbearable. fortunately, 50 Bosses Worse Than Yours is the following to remind us that irrespective of how undesirable we expect we have now it, there are worse humans to be taking orders from. together with entries equivalent to "Condescending Rita," "Enforced After-Work beverages Proposer," "Ten Years more youthful Than You and Makes Double Your Salary," and the unique undesirable boss, "Your Dad," this ebook provides the main insufferable, cruel-intentioned, and mind-bogglingly incompetent employers ever to go through Human assets. The 6th installment within the highly winning Worse Than Yours series-with greater than 150,000 copies in print-is a hilarious send-up of lifestyles within the place of work.

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The Junior Capitalist She's six years old, and no one's gonna tell her what to do on her side of the sidewalk. She was late to her shift because she couldn't find her roller skates. "You call that stirring? " She has cool stuff. She won't let you play with it. Tattle 37. Mr. Clean A high-powered man with a cabinet full of high-powered cleansers. He scrutinizes your fourth-quarter projections as carefully as he does your nails for dirt. A large number of flat, shiny surfaces. His keyboard is dusted on the hour.

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