A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, Vol. 2 by Yitzhak Baer, Louis Schoffman, Benjamin R. Gampel

By Yitzhak Baer, Louis Schoffman, Benjamin R. Gampel

In the second one quantity of his vintage exploration of the Spanish-Jewish neighborhood, Baer covers such significant ancient occasions because the Spanish Inquisition and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain. This paintings examines the influence of church coverage at the Jewish inhabitants within the fifteenth century, and the issues at which Jewish tradition as a complete used to be altered via Spain’s actions.

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David Bonjorn (known also in Hebrew literature) seems to have been one of the most charming and also one of the most irascible young scholars of his age. His temper was so violent that his sec­ ond wife, after five years of marriage (in 1337), asked him to divorce her; and, in order to compel him to comply, with­ held his scientific books and instruments. He complained of this: They knew that books and instruments and other things were those which I hold most precious, and they could hardly have found a better means of coercing me than to deprive me of these things, which, in the light of my interests and desires and my longing for them, are my most cherished possessions.

I, 225) of the aljama of Barcelona in which he rebuked them violently for a miscarriage of justice in the case of Hanoch, whom he considered to be innocent, and ordered them to remove the ban immediately. ” Several days later the king notified the royal bailiff in Barcelona that he had removed Hanoch from the legal jurisdiction of the Jews and authorized him (the bailiff) to conduct the trial. It was a foregone conclusion then that the man would be acquitted. 6 Moses Hanoch seems to have been one of the newcomers to Barcelona who intimi­ dated the people.

Among R. Nissim’s most distinguished disciples were R. Hasdai Crescas and R. Isaac b. Sheshet Perfet, both mem­ bers of very old families in Barcelona which, by 1367, were taking an active part in communal affairs. These protagonists of the religious trend had to fight for their ideals amid an at­ mosphere of grim political and religious struggle. In 1367 the whole community was accused of having bought the Christians’ consecrated host. A thief who was caught con­ fessed to the king’s son Don Juan and his advisers that he had stolen a silver pyx containing consecrated bread, and sold the stolen goods to Jews in Barcelona.

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