Africa and the War on Terrorism by John Davis

By John Davis

Abject poverty and reliable corruption make components of Africa a truly beautiful vacation spot for terrorist agencies. possibilities have built throughout the pre-9/11 and publish Sept. 11 classes in Africa for the recruitment of terrorists, attainment of bases of operations and resources of investment for Al Qaeda or its affiliated terror teams. This finished quantity offers an intensive exam of significant terrorist occasions in Africa and highlights inner and exterior indices to demonstrate why Africa is so ripe for terrorism.

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Second, in an effort to spread the word on efforts to ensure a balanced bilateral relationship, the US Embassy in Djibouti released the following data to support US claims of a reciprocal relationship: in 2004 USAID budgeted more than $20 million in direct assistance for Djibouti. The distribution of the funds is as follows: 12 million has been dedicated to the health sector to increase access to equitable health care and improve quality of care to support reductions in infant, child and maternal mortality.

In recent years Africa has emerged as an important staging area, offering training facilities and a location from which to target US interests. As previously mentioned, this was clearly illustrated by the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania on 7 August 1998. 7 The fact that the partnership between selected African states and the United States has slowly gained traction, especially with regard to Djibouti (which would have initially been considered to be of no significance at all to US interests) indicates a transformation of US national security policy.

Richard Cobbold and Greg Mills (London: Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies, 2004). htm. The site was accessed on July 6, 2004. This page intentionally left blank PART 2 The Combined Joint Task Force and the War on Terror This page intentionally left blank Chapter 2 Djibouti’s Pre-Eminent Role in the War on Terror John Davis and Andrew Othieno Everything is moving everywhere. There is not going to be a place in the world where it is going to be the same as it used to be.

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