African American Eras Library by Meggin Condino

By Meggin Condino

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64 Research and Activity Ideas . 71 For More Information . . 72 1 Chronology ......................................................................................... 1965 January 2 Civil rights activists in Selma, Alabama, begin a voter registration drive led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1965 February 1 Seven hundred African Americans protesting the denial of minority voting rights are arrested in Selma, Alabama. 1965 February 21 Black nationalist leader Malcolm X is assassinated in New York City.

She showed great ability for grassroots organizing and fundraising. In 1969, Carter revealed her homosexuality to her associates in the War Resisters League. Activism and Reform ........................................................ H E A D L IN E M A K E RS Gay Rights Activism After announcing that she was gay, Carter became more and more involved with gay and lesbian activism in California. She became good friends with many female civil rights activists, such as folk singer Joan Baez (1941– ) and War Resisters League leaders Irma Zigas and Norma Becker.

After Martin Luther King’s assassination in the same year, Edelman helped organize the slain leader’s new Poor People’s Campaign. The Poor People’s Campaign aimed to draw attention to poverty in the United States. In the 1970s, Edelman focused her civil service work on issues involving women and children. In 1971, she brought several activist groups together to support a comprehensive child development bill. S. House of Representatives and the Senate, but it was vetoed by President Richard Nixon (1913–94).

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