African Geography for Schools: A Handbook for Teachers by Brouillette, B., Ed.; And Others

By Brouillette, B., Ed.; And Others

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Such a category includes Mauritania (haematite iron ore), Gambia and Upper Volta (groundnut products), and Dahomey (oil palm produce). Thus Senegalhas substantialearningsofforeigncurrency from Dakar harbour and port dues,and the sale of fuel oil and water,as well as minor exports of phosphates and tunny (tuna). Mali and Niger have substantial overland trade with Guinea coast states in livestock,dried and smoked river fish. Guinea (alumina), Sierra Leone (diamonds and haematite iron ore), Liberia(haematite ironore and rubber), Ivory Coast (coffee and cocoa) and Ghana (cocoa).

Thus there came about the volcanic Bamenda and Cameroon Highlands,that vivid divide of West from West-Central Africa, Mt Cameroon itself (which last erupted in 1959), as well as the volcanic islands of Fernando Po,Principe,Sao Tome,Annobon, Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha (erupted 1963). O n West Africa’s western extremity arose the volcanoes ofles Mamelles,on one ofwhich is Cape Verde lighthouse, and the Cape Verde Archipelago, 320 k m away. Certain of the clays, like the terre de barre of Togo, Dahomey and western Nigeria are fertile and water holding,while water is also available in the limestones.

Small,inexpensiveand sounpublicised schemes may be more economic than the great developments such as the Office du Niger’s costly irrigation of parts of the inland Niger Delta of Mali, or the Senegal Delta Irrigation Scheme in Senegal? This would make it possible to cultivate the more fertile river valleys without the risk of farmers becoming blind. The larvae from this fly normally live in freely moving water such as rapids or just flowing rivers. The excess ofwater at one period will have to be increasingly conserved for use in the dry season.

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