African Mythology A to Z, 2nd Edition by Patricia Ann Lynch, Jeremy Roberts

By Patricia Ann Lynch, Jeremy Roberts

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Faro gathered humans into an ark that drifted for seven days. After Faro and the humans emerged from the ark, they built the first village and planted seeds. After the first rain fell, those seeds grew into all of the plants and trees on Earth. Then Faro created animals and ordered night and day, the seasons, and life itself. For another creation account involving Pemba and Faro, see Mande creation account. bard A poet-singer skilled in composing and reciting verses about heroes and their deeds.

As a culture hero, Anansi was regarded as the creator of the Sun, Moon, and stars and therefore responsible for day and night. He also brought rain and taught humans how to sow grain. ancestors  One story tells how Anansi came to own all the tales that are told. In the beginning, all tales belonged to Nyame. Anansi wanted to own the stories himself, so he offered to buy them. Nyame told Anansi that he was willing to sell the stories, but the price was high. He wanted three things: Mmoboro, the hornets; Onini, the great python; and Osebo, the leopard.

Olokun instructed Agemo to return to Olorun with the message that she acknowledged his greatness. Agipie Turkana (Kenya) A god with a dual nature, or two different aspects, each of which warred with the other. One aspect of Agipie was a benevolent sky god. His other aspect was a dangerous earth god who was associated with lightning and drowning. A thunderstorm occurred whenever the two gods hurled lightning bolts at one another as they fought. See also thunder and lightning. Aha Njoku Ai See Igbo pantheon.

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