African Mythology A to Z,Second Edition

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For the Xhosa, lightning was a bird—Impundulu or Intakezulu—whose wingbeats produced thunder. ) Impundulu was greatly feared as a messenger of death. In a myth told by the Sara of Chad and Sudan, a crow was responsible for the scattering of humans, fish, and plants throughout the world. ) In some cultures, birds were revered for various powers they were supposed to have. In West Africa, ibis were revered for their supposed oracular powers— their ability to predict future events. In the Kono creation account, there was no light in the world until a man named Sa gave birds the ability to sing.

In the beginning, all tales belonged to Nyame. Anansi wanted to own the stories himself, so he offered to buy them. Nyame told Anansi that he was willing to sell the stories, but the price was high. He wanted three things: Mmoboro, the hornets; Onini, the great python; and Osebo, the leopard. Anansi was confident that he was clever enough to perform these tasks. He first cut a gourd and made a small hole in it. He then poured water on himself and on the tree where the hornets lived. Anansi then told the hornets that they were foolish to stay in the rain, and he offered the gourd as shelter.

There are two types: the large savannah, or plains, buffalo and the much smaller forest buffalo. The savannah buffalo weighs more than 1,500 pounds on average and stands 6 feet tall at the shoulders. Cows, or female buffalo, are lighter and On the treeless plains of a Tanzanian reserve, birds perch on the back of a buffalo. (Photo by Yoky/Used under a Creative Commons license) bulane 19 smaller than bulls, or male buffalo. Buffalo bulls are dark brown or black, but buffalo cows are reddish in color.

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