African Parliaments: Between Governance and Government by M. A. Mohamed Salih Ph.D. (eds.)

By M. A. Mohamed Salih Ph.D. (eds.)

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Van Cranenburg therefore observes that African presidentialism (or prime ministerialism for that matter) is not characterized by the separation of power between the executive and legislative branches of government. They are separated by linkage or fusion between the two branches: functionally through holding the confidence of the majority in the legislature, and personally through the absence of the rule of incompatibility of the office of a minister with membership of the legislature. A. MOHAMED SALIH The chapters of this volume reveal some general trends of African parliamentary development, the relationship between parliaments and government and its implications for the current debate on parliament’s role in the governance debate.

The third hypothesis, related to the distribution of power, is tested by establishing the effects of four different variables on the quality of governance. These four variables are the type of political system (presidential versus parliamentary) and electoral system (majoritarian versus nonmajoritarian), fractionalization of the legislature and federalism. 4. 1 Type of Political System and Governance. 1 makes clear that there is not a clear-cut relationship between the type of political system in developing countries and their performance in terms of the quality of governance.

Upon closer inspection of the data on the quality of governance (appendix), it becomes apparent that African democracies stand out negatively. The data reveal that African democracies, on average, have a negative overall score on the composite measure created on the basis of the Kaufmann et al. 0). 38. This finding about the average quality of governance is remarkable in the light of the corroboration of the “Lipset law,” which postulates a positive relationship between the average wealth of countries and the quality of their governance.

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