Afro-Caribbean Immigrants and the Politics of Incorporation: by Reuel R. Rogers

By Reuel R. Rogers

This booklet examines the political habit of Afro-Caribbean immigrants in long island urban to respond to a well-recognized, yet nagging query approximately American democracy. Does racism nonetheless complicate or restrict the political integration styles of racial minorities within the usa? With the arriving of remarkable numbers of immigrants from Asia, Latin the USA, and the Caribbean during the last a number of many years, there's cause once more to think about this question. the rustic is confronting the problem of incorporating a gradual, huge circulate of non-white, non-European voluntary immigrants into the political procedure. Will racism make this approach as tricky for those rookies because it did for African american citizens? The e-book concludes discrimination does intervene with the immigrants' adjustment to American political existence. yet their political innovations and strategic offerings within the face of this problem are unforeseen ones, now not expected by means of ordinary bills within the political technology literature.

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Erie 1988; Parenti 1967; Wolfinger 1965) have offered important amendments and criticisms to Dahl’s model. For instance, he glosses over the prejudices and discrimination faced by the immigrant generation and the ways such challenges might affect their prospects for incorporation. Still, his pluralist framework has remained mostly intact as a description of the political incorporation process. At the very least, it seems to account adequately for the experiences of European immigrants, who in keeping with Dahl’s model became the white ethnics of America’s melting pot ideology.

Hacker 1997; Ignatiev 1996), most observers believe they belong to the non-white minority category along with African Americans and are subject to racial discrimination and prejudice as a result (Kim and Lee 2001). , 633). Accordingly, a number of researchers have concluded Asian Americans’ experiences are likely to be distinct from those of African Americans. Some believe Asians suffer from the stigma of perpetual foreignness in the eyes of other Americans. Others argue they have been valorized relative to African Americans and yet marginalized as “strangers in the land” (Kim 15 I doubt this will prove to be the case.

Racial discrimination against blacks and other nonwhites has diminished significantly in the last five decades, to be sure. The rawest forms of bigotry have mostly receded from American life. But racial discrimination persists, albeit often in more subtle forms. , Chong and Kim 2004; Hochschild and Rogers 2000). It is reasonable to assume, then, that discrimination might affect the prospects of political incorporation for non-white immigrants from Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, although it is difficult to predict exactly how.

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