American Civil War Armies (3). Specialist Troops by Katcher Ph., Volstad R.

By Katcher Ph., Volstad R.

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Jack Tanner's struggle takes him to the treacherous sands of the North African desert.

August, 1942. North Africa. The wasteland battle hangs within the stability. even if their retreat has eventually been halted, morale within the British military is at all-time low. while the commander of the 8th military, normal Gott, is killed, apparently foul play is at paintings. An impenetrable Axis undercover agent circuit will be compromising any wish the Allies have of stemming the Nazi tide.

Jack Tanner, convalescing from wounds in a Cairo sanatorium, is astonished to obtain a battlefield fee to be able to propel him right into a very assorted international while he returns to motion. healthy once again, he reveals himself dealing with the complete onslaught of Rommel's most modern offensive.

In its aftermath, Tanner and his trusty sidekick Sykes are recruited to paintings at the back of the Axis traces in a determined try to take the struggle to the Nazis. yet the murky international of subterfuge, deceit and homicide they locate themselves 1000000 miles clear of the certainties of the battlefield and someway they need to detect who they could belief within the cat-and-mouse international of counter-espionage.

Hellfire sees Tanner combating his approach via his most threatening event but -- one who takes him from the darkish backstreets of Cairo to the open Mediterranean and eventually to at least one of the decisive clashes of the total struggle -- the conflict of Alamein.

After The Virus

After the virus decimates ninety nine. nine% of the world’s inhabitants, and all lines of humanity in addition to it, Rhiannon and should are pressured to maneuver past their earlier popularity, fortune, and private demons to rescue a mute woman from the clutches of 2 warring cults.

Union of Crowns: The Forging of Europe's Most Independent State

Did the Scots particularly cower within the shadow in their robust, competitive English neighbour? This ebook finds a really varied photo. Scottish armies many times invaded English-held territory, defying generations of Anglo-Norman kings, and it took many centuries to eventually come to a decision the fluid Border frontier.

Sky Hunters: Anarchy's Reign

Bobby Autry has continuously been a maverick. the best pilots in America's elite helicopter unit, no one anticipated Autry to prevail while he used to be ordered to create a unit that can fly greater than the Nightstalkers, shoot higher than the SEALs, and imagine smarter than the CIA, yet he brought. He by no means cared approximately stepping on feet, in simple terms on getting effects.

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In Cromwell’s own words ‘… it will tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future …’ The alternative would not only have been to risk discontent in the army at a time when its main tactical advantage was its cohesion and discipline, but it would also have called into question his suitability for the Irish command, especially if it could be shown to have lost control over the army in its first major engagement. What ought not to be forgotten is that at this time, Cromwell was simply one lieutenant-general amongst a number of officers of similar rank in the Commonwealth army and that whilst, through patronage and family ties, he could count on a number of allies amongst them, there were also a number of rivals and opponents who would have had no qualms about taking advantage of any mistakes he may have made.

What exactly was discussed between the two men will most probably never be known, but the result was that Aston and his small force left the protection of their defences and were then taken into custody and disarmed by Axtell’s men who, in the following moments set in motion the train of events that led to one of the most controversial events in Irish history. Within minutes, most of Aston’s men were either dead or dying, whilst their commander himself lay bleeding on the flagstones, bludgeoned to death with his wooden leg, seized from him by soldiers in the belief that it contained money and precious stones.

Col. Daniel Axtell) 5 Col. Robert Venables’s regiment of foot 6 Col. Robert Phayre’s regiment of foot 7 Eastern battery 8 Lt. Gen. Michael Jones’s regiment of horse 9 Col. Chidley Coote’s regiment of horse (presumed) 10 Maj. Daniel Abbott’s dragoon detachment (five troops) 11 Cavalry reserve (four regiments) 12 Infantry reserve (three regiments) X JONES 1 8 9 10 C A MILL MOUNT 4 DULEEK GATE 11 3 12 1 2 EVENTS 1 2 September: a flying column under Michael Jones arrives before Drogheda and, having crossed the Boyne at Oldbridge, takes up position covering the western approaches to the town.

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