American Civil War armies (5) : volunteer militia by Philip Katcher

By Philip Katcher

Uniformed volunteer devices have been raised by means of participants, often from an area's social élite who had sufficient spare time and money to spend on such enthusiasms. They voted on their unit designation, their officials and non-commissioned officials, their unit ideas, and their uniform. Many destiny leaders realized their abilities in those ranks, and volunteer armed forces devices shaped the middle of many struggling with devices on each side of the Mason-Dixon line. With the aid of a number of images and illustrations, together with 8 complete web page color plates through Ron Volstad, Philip Katcher does an excellent activity of detailing the uniforms of the volunteer military of the yank Civil conflict (1861-1865).

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1798, having seen no action, Waldstein's had been reduced by fever to 500 men, who were drafted into 4th Bn, 60th Foot that month. Uniform: 1795 See Plate B. West Indies Green coatee, sky blue collar, cuffs, half-lapels and turnbacks, 39 York Hussars, 1793-96. Green pelisse with black fur and white cords; red dolman with green cuffs and collar and white cords; red breeches; black shako with white cord and plume; red valise laced white. Brown Military Collection, Brown University, Providence. Chartrand) 40 brass buttons; sky blue trousers with yellow stripe, black half-gaiters; round hat with black plume at left; black accoutrements.

It bears the inscription 'Régiment du Roi' (Regiment of the King) and the Roman numeral 'VII' engraved; Mortemart's was the seventh in precedence of the émigré regiments. P:f 211 14 ENGLISH CML WAR ARMIES 227 110 NEW MODEL ARMY 164~ 17' 10l LOUIS XIV'S ARMY 167 THE BRITISH ARMY 1660-1704 III 97 MARLBOROUGH'S ARMY 16 SAMURAI ARMIES IS50-I6IS 22l 114 POLISH ARMIES (I) 1569-1696 III POUSH ARMIES (2) 1569-1696 299 18TH CENTURY III THE JACOBITE REBELUON5 1689--1745 261 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY HIGHLANDERS 1" LOUIS XV'S ARMY (I) CAVALRY l02 LOUIS XV5 ARMY (2) FRENCH INFANTRY l04 LOUIS XV'S ARMY (l) FOREIGN INFANTRY lOI LOUIS XV.

The regimental uniform of the York Hussars was a red dolman with green cuffs and collar, green pelisse with black (later white) fur trim, pewter buttons, white cords, crimson and yellow sash, red breeches, and black mirleton cap with white cord and plume - although there were many variations. Officers wore silver buttons, cords and lace. Undress consisted of a green round jacket with red pointed cuffs and collar edged white, green shoulder straps and pocket flaps piped white, and 15 pewter buttons in front; white linen pantaloons with buttons on the sides, and a green forage cap trimmed white.

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