Analysis of inventory systems by H. G. Hadley, T. M. Whitin

By H. G. Hadley, T. M. Whitin

Mathematical versions of stock platforms

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Analysis of inventory systems

Mathematical versions of stock platforms

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Sons of wealthier families, could in certain cases inherit an estate situated outside Laconia and some other fol'RI of property, such as flocks, horses, etc. :2! of the eldest, at least until the state found the means to provide thea with a vacant lot of land accordiRJ to the system discussed above. 21 Their marriaaes could have created the danger of overpopulating the kliros, which may acco\Dlt for the cases of polyandry in Sparta. 22 The citizenship of an akliros depended on the aoodwill of his eldest brother and on that brother's ability to pay his contribution to the syssition,which was considered a necessary condition for enjoyina political rights (horos tls politeias).

In the hands of a Such rules were considered necessary by Plato for the preservation -48- of the number of ~on their respective lots of land under the sinale-heir systea. 18 and it is most likely that Sparta served Plato as a model for his proposals. Moreover. there are references in the sources concernina the control the state had once exercised over certain economic aspects of faaily relations, such as the authority of the kinas in matters of adoption, on the marriaae of heiresses, the ban on dowries, etc.

24- popularity and to the strenathening of his opponents' influence. C. At this time,Sparta was more and more inclined towards peace, and opened negotiations, first with Persia and later with Thebes. The neaotiations with Persia were conducted by Antalcidas, who is reported to have been Agesilaus' enemy86 -- and we have no reason to disbelieve the reported antaaonism between these politicians. 87 It is easy to understand that these neaotiations constituted initially a grave blow to Agesilaus, even if later he had to reconcile himself to this policy and even made use of it for his own purposes.

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