Ancient Marine Reptiles by Jack M. Callaway (Editor), Elizabeth L. Nicholls (Editor)

By Jack M. Callaway (Editor), Elizabeth L. Nicholls (Editor)

Vertebrate evolution has ended in the convergent visual appeal of many teams of initially terrestrial animals that now reside within the sea. between those teams are generic mammals like whales, dolphins, and seals. There also are reptilian lineages (like plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, thalattosaurs, and others) that experience turn into sea creatures. each one of these marine reptiles, usually wrongly known as "dinosaurs", are extinct. This edited booklet is dedicated to those extinct teams of marine reptiles. those reptilian analogs signify important versions of the myriad diversifications that let tetrapods to dwell within the ocean. Key gains* First publication in additional than eighty years committed completely to fossil marine reptiles* files the most up-tp-date examine on extinct marine reptiles* ready by way of the world's such a lot admired specialists within the box* good illustrated

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Plainly, dinosaur, in popular usage, has become equivalent to the Victorian saurian. It seems still too early for specialists to abandon the word dinosaur, like Brontosaurus, to popular usage and replace it in technical discussion with a more specific clade name. Yet most popular "dinosaur" books focus much more sharply on the Dinosauria sensu stricto than, I suspect, the average publisher or reader might well wish, presumably because their authors take the academically much stricter definition of dinosaur.

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