Annual Review of Psychology, vol 55 2004 by Susan T. Fiske, Daniel L. Schacter, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler

By Susan T. Fiske, Daniel L. Schacter, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler

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Our stories are our most effective assets of knowledge approximately ourselves, our neighbors and enthusiasts, our jobs. Or are they? we all know we may possibly sometimes disregard someone's birthday, pass over appointments, or lose music of information. yet what in regards to the instances we're convinced we take into accout anything, in basic terms to determine it didn't ensue that method?

From ''Perverts'' to ''Fab Five'': The Media's Changing Depiction of Gay Men and Lesbians

В From ''Perverts'' to ''Fab Five'' tracks the dramatic switch in how the yankee media have depicted homosexual humans over the past half-century. each one bankruptcy illuminates a selected media product that served as a milestone at the media's trip from demonizing homosexuals a few fifty years in the past to celebrating homosexual people--or not less than a few different types of homosexual people--today.

Freud For Scholars. Extracts, Arranged by Topic and Ordered by Date.

Freud For students. Extracts from whole works of Sigmund Freud, prepared by way of subject and ordered through date.

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Psychol. 36:203–72 Barton EJ, Nelson JS, Gandhi NJ, Sparks DL. 2003. Effects of partical lidocaine inactivation of the paramedian pontine reticular formatin on saccades of macaques. J. Neurophysiol. (Feb. 12, 2003). 2002 [epub ahead of print] Basso MA, Wurtz RH. 1998. Modulation of neuronal activity in superior colliculus by changes in target probability. J. Neurosci. 18:7519–34 Becker W. 1989. Saccades. In The Neurobiology of Saccadic Eye Movements, ed. RH Wurtz, ME Goldberg, pp. 13–98. New York: Elsevier Becker W, J¨urgens R.

Org by Ball State University on 01/05/09. For personal use only. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I thank B. Atkinson, G. Fox, E. Gotcher, and C. Wiley for assistance in manuscript preparation and R. Blake, M. Chun, P. Churchland, K. Cullen, D. Noelle, T. Palmeri, S. Shorter-Jacobi, and V. Stuphorn for helpful discussion. Support was provided by NEI, NICHD, NIMH, NSF, and the McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience. org LITERATURE CITED Aron AR, Fletcher PC, Bullmore ET, Sahakian BJ, Robbins TW. 2003. Stop-signal inhibition disrupted by damage to right inferior frontal gyrus in humans.

However, both of these observations are interpretable only insofar as the neural events that are measured map onto the relevant cognitive processes. Indeed, the fact that such conclusions hinge on this mapping highlights the necessary role of explicit linking propositions in reasoning about the relation between neural processes and the supervening functional processes. Relation of Neural Activity to Movement Cancellation The countermanding paradigm provides two criteria for determining whether a neuron comprises the bridge locus for saccade production.

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