Another Phenomenology of Humanity: A Reading of A Dream of by Xunwu Chen

By Xunwu Chen

One other Phenomenology of Humanity: A analyzing of A Dream of crimson Mansions is dedicated to constructing one other model of phenomenology of humanity—human nature, human tendencies and human desires—by taking A Dream of purple Mansions, the crown jewel of chinese language tradition, as its major literary paradigm of representation. The model of phenomenology of humanity at factor is a synthesis of the Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist and Western existentialist phenomenological bills of humanity—for instance, what's humanity, what make people as human, human nature, human emotions, human wishes, 3 center human existential pursuits, and 4 simple difficulties of human lifestyles.

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4. , 307. 5. G. W. F. ). Glenn Gray and intro. by Tom Rockmore (Indianapolis: Hackett, 1997), 29. 6. Hugo, Les Misérable, 564, 808. 7. 29. In this volume, while I will use the Chinese text (of the novel) mainly, the English translation of the novel that I will use and consult in this volume is: Cao XueQin, A Dream of Red Mansions (Beijing, China:: Beijing Foreign Language Press, 1994). The title of the novel “Hong Lou Meng” is also translated as “The Dream of Red Chamber” or “The Story of the Stone” in China and in the West.

The way of humanity is a constellation of norms, values, standards, virtues, and codes of living as a human being. Laws of nature bearing upon human existence refer to those stable, causal, and necessary patterns of movement inherent in the course of human existence. One can reasonably insist that the wise way of humanity follows laws of nature bearing upon human existence. Thus, here, on the one hand, to live manly or womanly is one thing; to live in accordance with natural laws of existence is quite another; for example, to love as a man or a woman may from time to time requires one to conceptualize one’s lover as an end and purpose in itself, not as a means to other end and requires one to operate outside the causality of practical interests.

The concept of wu ji bi fan is a shared concept in Chinese philosophical classics, including The Book of Change, Dao De Jing, The Analects, Mencius, Zhaungzi, Xunzi, Huai Nan Zi, and works of neo-Confucian masters. Lao Zi’s celebrated claim, “From calamity, happiness arises; from happiness, calamity is conceived,” is an enduring motto in Chinese ethos. 35 It is still a classic motto of his observation that the way of nature is to keep things within their limits and not to pursue extremity while humankind does the opposite; but what violates the way of nature will perish.

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