Antenna Handbook - Fundamentals and Mathematical Techniques by Y.T. Lo, S. W. Lee

By Y.T. Lo, S. W. Lee

Quantity 1: Antenna basics and Mathematical innovations opens with a dialogue of the basics and mathematical recommendations for any type of paintings with antennas, together with uncomplicated ideas, theorems, and formulation, and methods. DLC: Antennas (Electronics)

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3 Scheme for a short-circuit reflection measurement configuration with a rectangular waveguide. 3 Dielectric Properties 33 ent a rectangular cross-section and consequently this measurement method is destructive. Therefore, the coaxial probe is preferred to waveguide configurations when trying to estimate permittivity on broad frequency ranges. Transmission/Reflection Methods In transmission/reflection methods the sample is placed within the transmission line and the scattering parameters of the line are used for permittivity estimation.

As we have just seen, Gabriel extracted the dielectric properties of tissues from the literature of the last half of the past century, particularly from the work of H. P. Schwan and his collaborators [47], and from [32, 57–61] and compared it to the corresponding data from her own measurements. The purpose was to provide an objective basis for the evaluation of the experimental data and to reach a broad-based consensus on the subject. Moreover, data corresponding more closely to living human tissues were selected in preference to any other.

This equation can be simplified if a small object is considered and if it is assumed that the introduction of the sample does not significantly change and r ther electric r r magnetic field distribution within the cavity. 42) indicates that an increase of both the permittivity and/or permeability inside the cavity will lead to a decrease of the resonant frequency. 43) Vc where r is the relative complex permittivity of the sample. 46). 46) By assuming that 1 ≈ 2, that high quality factors are obtained within the cavity, and i > r, a relationship between the dielectric constant and the resonant frequency decrease can be obtained.

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