Armature Windings of Electric Machines by Horace Field Parshall

By Horace Field Parshall

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CHAPTER III. TWO-CIRCUIT, SINGLE-WOUND, MULTIPOLAR RINGS. THE next windings to be considered form a class which, independently of the number of poles, have only two circuits through the armature. the practical advantage that the as great, number These are known as two-circuit windings. of conductors, as hence the space required for insulation 2 is only -^- Such windings possess compared with multiple-circuit windings, 2 is only as great as with the multiple-circuit windings, in consequence of which the diameter of the armature, or the depth of space occupied by the armature conductors, may be less than with the multiple -circuit windings, thereby diminishing the cost of material.

TWO 15 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING. CHA1'. Ill ] TWO-CIRCUIT, SINGLE-WOUND, MULTIPOLAE KINUS, Fig. 15 In is with practice given a winding that has been used in extreme regularity of fact that segments it owing partly to the connections, and still more to the considerable all success, involves the use of twice as Only one as coils. many commutator coil in series is short-circuited at each brush, and the volts per segment are one-half what they would be The number of in the unmodified long-connection winding.

Fig. TWO 1 8 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING. Fig. TWO 1 9 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING. ] TWO-CIRCUIT, SINGLE-WOUND, MULTIPOLAR RINGS. Instead of connecting together in pairs coils lying in fields of opposite polarity, as in Figs. 17 and 18, adjacent and together as shown in Fig. 19, these connected across to coils in the nearest field of like coils may be connected polarity. The number one-half of the of number commutator segments The of coils. is equal to inherent identity of and the "long-connection" winding may be seen by doing away with the leads to the commutator segments, this and substituting leads from the eleven points lettered b, o, d, etc.

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