Armor Of The Deutsches Afrikakorps by Tom Cockle

By Tom Cockle

Non Fiction

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They do however always have their water bottles with them.

He was troubled. What he had witnessed contradicted earlier briefings that suggested the Russian soldier was ‘poorly trained and not very much inclined to heroism’. Indeed, ‘It became clear to me that they must have been willing to fight to the very end. If this was not heroism, what was it? Did the communist commissars force them to fight to the death? It did not look like it. ’ The sight of one’s own dead is, initially, a severe shock, but: 49 In time you even get used to that. You just don’t really take it in at all when there are more and more who are dead but they are all in German uniform.

The enemy attacked again. His pressure kept getting stronger; in the middle of the division’s sector he had broken into our positions. What was waiting for us? The Oka position was to be held at all costs, it was said. There the news was heard that the enemy had already crossed the river. Could we get out of this hell? “Sunday morning – without worries,” said the man on the radio, but it was easy for him to talk. We, on the other hand, were witnesses of a drama known only to those who were actually living it.

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