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Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) used to be the optimum Jewish philosopher of his day and one of many best-known figures of the German Enlightenment, incomes the sobriquet ‘the Socrates of Berlin’. He was once completely interested by the crucial factor of Enlightenment non secular considering: the inevitable clash among cause and revelation in an age contending with person rights and spiritual toleration.

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53She was torturedbut maintainedher stance.

Arukh,YorehDe'ah, 268:2. 23. On marriagelaws governingconverts,see, ShulhanArukh,YorehDe'ah, 269. 24. Kraszewski, Wilno,179. 25. Filip Sulimierski,BronislawChlebowski,and WladyslawWalewski,StownikGeograficzny Kr6lestwa Polskiego I Innych Kraj6w Stowiariskich(Warsw:WydawnictwaArtsytyczne i Filmowe, 1975 [1880]), 3:258-59. Ger zedek steadfastlyrefused. So the noblemen sent for the bishop, who arrivedcarryinga crucifix. 27He was tried at the Tribunalas a noblemanand was convicted for apostasy and sentencedto be burnedalive.

Litvin "Mayseger zedek in likht fun legende un virklikhkeit"Zukunft[The Future,New York]31, no. 12 (1926): 704-707; Israel Hayyim Ben-David, GrafPotozki:o Ger Ha-Zedek:Agadah DramatitBe-HameshMa arekhot(TelAviv: Snir, 1940);AbrahamKarpinowitz,Di GeshikhteFun Vilner Ger Zedek, Graf ValentinPotozki (Tel Aviv: Vilner Pinkas, 1990); YehoshuaLeiman and Selig Schachnowitz,AvrohomBenAvrohom(Jerusalem,New York:FeldheimPublishers,1977);NatanMark, Ben-Ha-Rozen(Haifa:Renesans, 1968); E. Z. PortugalandZviYosefMiski, Shirim,DerzeylungenFun 237 Magda Teter few stories of this kind emerged.

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