Astronomy - Sirius - Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky by Jay B. Holberg

By Jay B. Holberg

Of all of the mounted stars within the evening sky, Sirius is via a long way the brightest – virtually two times as vibrant as its nearest rival, the megastar Canopus, which lies too a ways south to be seen from lots of the Northern Hemisphere. basically the sunlight, Moon and the planets Venus, Jupiter and, every now and then, Mars, look brighter. Sirius, with its flashing brilliance, is a notable characteristic of the northern wintry weather sky and has understandably drawn the eye of observers of the evening sky for millions of years.
Sirius has many names. Astronomers realize over fifty designations for the celebrity, however the most ordinarily used is Alpha Canis Majoris, the brightest superstar within the constellation Canis significant. This isLatin for the 'Great Dog', which has ended in its well known nickname the ‘Dog Star’. Over the centuries many ideals have grow to be linked to Sirius. a few of these ideals nonetheless echo in such words as ‘the puppy days of summer’, which the traditional Romans understood good. different outdated ideals in the past fell from public awareness — simply to be revived and to develop into sleek well known and medical controversies. even supposing those ideals could seem really contemporary, many have their origins within the historical lore surrounding Sirius; people look certainly attracted to its brilliance, and a shocking variety of glossy cults have nucleated round ideals during which Sirius performs a favourite position.

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It is also one of the first workable mathematical descriptions of the detailed motions of the then observable universe. In Ptolemy's system there were seven planetary spheres, consisting of one deferent and one epicycle for each of the five known planets plus spheres for the sun and the moon, which were considered planets at the time. The stars in contrast were confined to fixed locations on an eighth sphere, which completed a singular uniform revolution of the earth each day. Beyond the sphere of the stars was a ninth sphere that imparted motion to the other spheres.

The Phoenicians were said to have called it Hannabeah, "the Barker". There are also numerous and intriguing associations of Sirius with dogs and wolves from throughout North America. To the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Straits, Sirius is the "Moon Dog". When the moon comes near Sirius, high winds will follow. Among the Tohono O'odham of the southwestern deserts, Sirius is the dog that follows mountain sheep, a description that was shared with the Seri who lived to the south along the Gulf of California, in Mexico.

The stars remained in a distant far off shell. One of the motivations for Tycho's observations was to gather precise measurements of the positions of the planets, in support of his "Tychonic System". A necessary prerequisite for accurate planetary measurements was a precise star catalog. What finally emerged in 1598 was a catalog of some 1004 stars, all measured visually, with an unheard-of level of precision of nearly one arc minute. To mathematically reduce his voluminous observations, Tycho hired assistants.

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