Atlas of the Newborn; Experimental Psychology by Arnold J. Rudolph M.D., Arnold J. Rudolph MD, Arnold J.

By Arnold J. Rudolph M.D., Arnold J. Rudolph MD, Arnold J. Rudolph MD

This is often a part of a magnificent 5-volume set representing the existence paintings of the main meticulous photographic archivist in neonatology. Over the process forty years, Dr. Rudolph gathered pictures of just about each ailment, sickness, and affecting the baby. jointly they act as a uniquely robust diagnostic instrument.

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Since viral lesions tend to be microscopic, gross examination of the placenta is not helpful. 52. Histologic section of a placenta with congenital syphilis. Note the numerous spirochetes. 53. The presence of meconium staining of the amniotic fluid occurs with fetal distress and postmaturity. Meconium staining of the placenta may occur within 1 hour. In cases of chorioamnionitis, the fetal surface may be green; in listeriosis, there may be brown or chocolate staining of the amniotic fluid with similar staining of the placenta.

The other twin was normal. 60. Another example of amnion nodosum in a twin placenta. Note the normal umbilical cord and placenta on the right and the small umbilical cord with a thrombosed vessel on the left. This was a twin-twin transfusion syndrome and the twin on the left became a fetus papyraceus. The amnion nodosum lesions are whitish, opaque, and uniform in size. 61. Histologic section of a placenta and membranes showing amnion nodosum on the left and chorioamnionitis on the right in an infant with renal dysgenesis and hypoplastic lungs.

Infants with retinoic acid embryopathy (Accutane™ embryopathy) may have craniofacial, cardiovascular, and central nervous system abnormalities. In this infant note the narrow sloping forehead, flat depressed nasal bridge, mild micrognathia, and microtia with absence of the external auditory canal. In addition there was congenital heart disease. Affected infants may have hydrocephalus, microcephaly, or thymic abnormalities. This mother was treated with retinoic acid during the first month of pregnancy.

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