Attracting Investors to African Public-Private Partnerships: by PPIAF, Infrastructure Consortium for Africa

By PPIAF, Infrastructure Consortium for Africa

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If the connecting infrastructure is not in place or needs to be built or rehabilitated, investors want to know how this will be addressed, which, in turn, raises questions about who is responsible, where the funding will come from, whether the required infrastructure will be available when it is needed by the project, and what conditions will attach in the event that it is not. This can make such projects highly complex, as investors will need to analyze all the risks, not just of the immediate project, but also of other projects on which it is dependent for supply or sales (that is, the external interface risks).

The next step seeks to turn the projects with a greater chance of success into realistic opportunities for private sector participation, although projects may be eliminated throughout the process. This may also involve an initial market assessment. The selection and preparation of projects are rarely a tidy sequential process; instead they are an iterative process. Thus some of the key questions posed early on will be asked again at later stages; they may simply be addressed in less detail at the early strategic business case stage.

This is not the same as the risk matrix used to identify the allocation of risks within the project itself, which is a separate exercise (see chapter 4). Quality Control PPP programs around the world also use quality-assurance mechanisms for good project and program management. These can be short external reviews to help the public authority to check that the necessary actions have been taken at important decision-making points in the PPP project development cycle (for example, before going to market or at bidder selection).

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