Battle for the Falklands (1): Land Forces (Men-at-Arms, by Will Fowler

By Will Fowler

At the evening of 1-2 April 1982, the Argentinian Junta led by way of Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri made its stream opposed to the Falkland Islands. On three April British leading Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher confronted an appalled and livid apartment of Commons to announce that Argentine defense force had landed on British sovereign territory; had captured the lads of Royal Marine detachment NP8901; had run up the Argentine flag at govt apartment; and had declared the islands and their inhabitants to be Argentine. This soaking up textual content through William Fowler info the land forces that contested the Falklands War.

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The Brize Norton. Otherwise his outfit was severely Paras, Welsh Guards and 7th Gurkha Rifles, in orthodox, comprising windproof DPM parka and particular, found the Milan of great value in trousers, and a '58 web belt with pistol holster. Note attacking well-prepared Argentine infantry ranking on DPM chest tab. , serving alongside the three Royal Marine Commandos wear the cap badge of their parent service or organisation on the green beret which signifies success in the Commando course. The Marines have Royal Navy doctors; and one, Surgeon Commander 'Rick' Jolly RN, became a widely-known 'face' after he had appeared in front of an audience of millions on the TV screen, being interviewed outside the derelict refrigeration plant at Ajax Bay in which the medical team were forced to carry out more than 100 major operations in the days and nights following the landings.

Paul Haley, 'Soldier' Magazine) passed via a civilian doctor in Stanley, and a meeting was arranged with Menendez. White flags began to appear all over Stanley. The men of 2 Para had reached the race course when they were ordered to halt, much to their chagrin. , 42 Cdo. moved through them into the town; it was they who would later enjoy a personal triumph when they ran up a Falklands Islands Union flag on the mast at Government House. It was the flag they had kept ever since the firefight with Argentine Marines on 2 April—these were the men of NP8901, returned via the UK after their repatriation by the Argentines.

When they landed after their freezing and exhausting journey the Guards were revitalised by a Falklands housewife who opened up her deep-freeze and cooked chops all round. These landings at Fitzroy had become possible after Maj. John Crosland of 2 Para made a discreet As 2nd Bn. The Scots Guards dig in on the open ground, and a Wessex lifts away on its tireless shuttle back and forth with more men and supplies, the Gazelle of 5 Bde. commander Brig. Tony Wilson lands on Goat Ridge. Note the modification which sends the exhaust heat upwards, a counter to enemy heatseeking SAMs, and the rocket pods mounted on the transverse bar through the fuselage.

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