Becoming Muslim: Western Women's Conversions to Islam by A. Mansson McGinty

By A. Mansson McGinty

Whereas Islam has develop into a arguable subject within the West, more and more Westerners locate robust that means in Islam. turning into Muslim is an ethnographic learn in keeping with in-depth interviews with Swedish and American ladies who've switched over to Islam. continuing from the women's life-stories, the writer explores the charm of Islam to a couple Western girls and the non-public which means assigned to the faith. whereas conversion is frequently perceived as entailing a dramatic swap in worldview, the women's reviews aspect to an both very important continuity. particularly, the conversion is brought on through specific own rules and quests, and inside of Islam the ladies can additional discover already salient options. The paintings appeals to scholars within the fields of anthropology, non secular reports, psychology, and women's stories, drawn to identification, conversion, and gender.

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Zarah: No. Anna: There are so many different factors, it is hard to explain. Zarah: Yes, it surely is. Anna: It is probably hard to explain what you were thinking then. Zarah: I surely would need to scrutinize myself and go through and try to find . . that would be interesting. It would be interesting to see how thoughts and attitudes have changed. Anna: You started to read more. Zarah: Yes, but I cannot say either that those were the words that . . I have met people who have told me that “it was when I heard somebody say that at a seminar” and that was the part of the puzzle.

Disposition of Chapters This study offers analyses on how the converts manage their identity formation internally (parts 1 and II) as well as externally (part III). Part I, The Individual Conversion, continues with chapter 2, “A Step toward the Unknown,” where I offer a short biographical presentation of the nine women. It aims to give the reader a picture of them with respect to age, background, and how, where, and when they first 26 Becoming Muslim encountered Islam. In chapter 3, “The Conversion Narrative,” the interview material (the narratives of the women) is treated as essential part of the conversion itself.

In his essay On Toleration, the political philosopher Michael Walzer (1997) discusses different types of systems of tolerance. Two of them, “nation state” and the “immigration society,” are applicable and helpful for the present discussion. His description of the nation state corresponds in many ways to the Swedish society in which the “national culture” is strongly influenced by a relatively homogeneous majority culture. ” This dominating group organizes the societal life on different levels in a way that reproduces and maintains the national culture and identity.

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