Big cats: facing Britain’s wild predators by Rick Minter

By Rick Minter

The writer takes the reader into the world of massive cats in Britain, delivering an in-depth dialogue of people's responses to having giant cats of their midst, and offers the most concerns in regards to the emotive topic of huge cats dwelling wild in Britatin.


offers the most matters concerning the emotive topic of huge cats dwelling wild in Britain. An in-depth dialogue of the way humans reply to having immense cats of their midst. Takes the reader into the realm Read more...

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Anyone on the case should do something similar if they are watching for trends, clusters and possibly even territories. We should also make a thorough checklist of points from each sighting, both to gather the information on offer and to judge the report’s plausibility. It is here we come to one of my grumbles. We need to tighten the way we monitor big cats. It is a homespun effort. Among the few brave souls who research and investigate, we make progress but, in truth, we are playing at it. The full tools for the job are still needed, wherever they might come from and whoever decides to help out.

He kept wary, but wiped away any notion of the cat pacing out his property. In time, the turnaround was complete: he became an advocate for the cats and keen to learn more. Frank has twice been contacted by individuals with a terminal illness, with little time left to live and keen that he should know of their secret sighting of an exotic cat. One of these was a woman who’d marvelled at a giant cat visiting her remote woodland garden. She described how Frank’s newspaper reports of pursuing big cats were a highlight for her.

If it goes quiet after two or three weeks, something seems up, but then there can be two on the same day. A half-eaten deer carcass on a back road one Sunday resulted in three separate reports that morning 27 Big Cats – FaCing Britain’s wild Predators 22 October 2007, approx. m. Minor road from Achilty to Little Scatwell, about 200 metres SE of Luichart Power Station; north bank of River Conon.  It moved northerly across the road and was very dark.  I watched the animal walk steadily uphill through the birches.

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