Biology of the Antarctic Seas XVI

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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.


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40. Cnidae of Actinoscyphia plebeia; see text for explanation. 40 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS XVI Eltanin Cruise 32 Sta. 2104, 77°33'-31'S, 163°02'-05'W, 606-638 m, CAS 028764 (xl) Islas Orcadas Cruise 575 Sta. 0'W, 2248-2402 m, CAS 028765 (x2) Sta. 9'W, 2248-2387 m, CAS 029628 (xl) Sta. 3'W, 2128-2161 m, CAS 029627 (xl) Sta. 1'W, 2384-2402 m, USNM 60695 (x3) Previous record McMurrich [1883], 38O08'S, 75053'W, 677 fm, [1238 m] (xl) Acknowledgements. This work was supported by the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Cen­ ter's program "Cooperative Systematics and Analyses of Polar Biological Materials" (National Science Foundation grant DPP 762 3 9 7 9 , B.

I. Q. J. Microsc. s. 64 (256):425-574. : 1 9 3 3 42 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS XVI 1922. On the classification of Actiniaria. III. Q. J. Microsc. ,. s. 66(262): 247-319. Stotz, W. B. 1979. Functional morphology and zonation of three species of sea anemones from rocky shores in southern Chile. Mar. , 50:181-188. Stotz Uslar, W. 1977. Observaciones sobre tres especies de actinias (Phymactis clematis, Antho­ loba achates, Anthothoe chilensis) (Anthozoa, Actiniaria) del litoral rocoso de la Bahia de Maiquillahue (Valdivia, Chile): Analisis metodologico, Taxonomia y Biologia.

Furcal rami rela­ tively longer than in females, armed with about 4 vestigial, distal setae and 1-2 ven­ tral ones, some setae bifid (Figure 3H). Young males (Figures 3I-3N). 5 mm wide (Figures 212K); testes sometimes present within valves. Free edges of valves lined with hairs. Main body more generalized than before, with no more than twofold difference in size among thoracomeres (Figure 3L). Antennules about same length as oral cone, and thoracopods reach past its base. Proximal setae on chin of fourth antennular article larger than pre­ viously described.

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