Bodies and Voices: The Force- Field of Representation and by Mereta Falck Borch, Eva Rask Knudsen, Martin Leer

By Mereta Falck Borch, Eva Rask Knudsen, Martin Leer

A wide-ranging selection of essays focused on readings of the physique in modern literary and socio-anthropological discourse, from slavery and rape to lady genital mutilation, from garments, ocular pornography, voice, deformation and transmutation to the imprisoned, dismembered, remembered, kidnapped or ghostly physique, in Africa, Australasia and the Pacific, Canada, the Caribbean, nice Britain and ireland

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8 Njabulo Ndebele, “Death of a Son,” TriQuarterly 69 (special issue, Spring–Summer 1987): 33–34. Further page references are in the main text. 9 “Our minds were consumed by the things we saw and dreamed of owning” (38). 10 For instance, it is at one moment fleetingly alluded to as the “still bundle” (37). 7 ½Š¾ Martyred Bodies and Silenced Voices 7 Confiscated corpses can thus engender traumatic experiences, but bodies in fiction can also represent – through a process of metonymy – the whole of the South African land, and in a sense give it voice.

The mentality of the Aboriginal Dreaming sees a continuity between human and animal, which in Mudrooroo’s text becomes a series of totemic metamorphoses, where the voice of the narrator remains, but not the experience that transmutes from one animal body to the next. This defamiliarizes the human body, emphasizes its liminality and “abhuman” edge, its materiality, its thingness, which here has “an obsessive ‘oral’ quality, depending on tasting and biting, sucking, lapping, tearing ... “ and a general concern with absorbent fluidity, vampirism and threats of contamination, as well as the monstrous and feminine (often at one in Mudrooroo’s work).

Lindiwe Mabuza, “Wake…,” in One Never Knows, ed. Lindiwe Mabuza (Braamfontein: Skotaville, 1989): 93. Further page references are in the main text. 5 6 ANDRÉ VIOLA ½Š¾ through a child’s idiosyncratic reactions to a situation that might easily engender pathos, the author has steered clear of “the spectacular,” of the “anticipated surfaces” denounced by Njabulo Ndebele. ”6 As it happens, Ndebele himself wrote a story about the confiscation of a child’s body, “Death of a Son” (1987), focused on a mother whose baby has been killed by the police in an episode of random shooting.

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