California Science: Grade 4 (Student Edition) by Dr. Jay K. Hackett

By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

Existence technology; dwelling issues desire power, dwelling issues and their Environment.EARTH technological know-how; Rocks adn Minerals, sluggish adjustments on the earth, quick adjustments on Earth.PHYSICAL technological know-how; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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After doing their experiment, the students wrote down new questions they wanted to study: • What if you placed the fruit in another location? • What if you used a different kind of fruit or food? • What if you did the experiment during a different time of day or a different season? • What if you did the experiment in different weather? Use one of the above questions or another one that you think of. Set up a hypothesis and experimental plan to test it. 18 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 The bee is an insect.

That’s a little more than two centimeters an hour! Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant. Reading Charts In all, there are about 400,000 different kinds of plants. Each one is different. Yet most plants share some basic parts. Roots anchor the plant to the ground. They also take in water and nutrients from the soil. Stems hold the plant upright. They move water and nutrients throughout the plant. Leaves connect to the stem and collect light from the Sun. Which plant is found in California?

Place one unpeeled banana and a peeled banana on the ground one meter apart from each other. 3. Predict which piece of fruit ants will be more attracted to. 4. Leave both bananas on the ground. Check to see if there are any ants on them. Check back after one hour; after two hours; after three hours. 5. Make a data table like the one below. Fill in for each banana the number of ants after one hour; after two hours; and after three hours. CXX_XW9eh\g FgTegbYXkcXe\`Xag ;bhe$ ;bhe% ;bhe& HacXX_XW9eh\g # $( %( &# 6.

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