Canaanite in the Amarna Tablets: A Linguistic Analysis of by Anson F. Rainey

By Anson F. Rainey

This four-volume reference paintings bargains with the language of the Amarna letters written by way of scribes who had followed a unusual dialect mix of Accadian and West Semitic syntax. as well as the texts from Canaan, a number of from Alashia are incorporated besides the texts from Kamed el-Loz and Taanach.
Each of the 1st 3 volumes is written as a separate monograph; jointly they deal with the issues of morphology and syntax. the 1st quantity covers writing, pronouns and nouns (substantives, adjectives and numerals); the second one quantity treats the verbal approach; and the 3rd quantity discusses debris and adverbs with a bankruptcy on observe order. The fourth quantity contains the bibliography and index to the set.
Since those texts are the earliest witness to West Semitic syntax, they're a useful resource for the ancient research of the North West Semitic kin, together with biblical Hebrew.

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Note also some nominal forms: kars-${ (EA 119:25), ka-ar-${-ia (EA 254:61), qe-e-${ (EA 131:15), re-${-ia (EA 92:45). -iu4 (EA 147:30), er-$c-ti 7 (EA 267:17). ) is usually spelled with ZI. For the one example with $1, cf. infra. ZI can also represent / si /, though such usage is extremely rare in texts from 1. ORTHOGRAPHIC PROBLEMS 19 Canaan (it is common, of course, in other peripheral areas). MES sa ka-bd-s{-ka (EA 195:7). If Held (1965:398-401) is correct in his interpretation, and it seems that he is, then another example of I si I can be seen in the WS vocable ba-s{-lu (EA 263:13).

KIN-ip-ri-ia (EA 176:31). g. be-EN-ia (EA 106:41); nu-KUR (EA 75:10; et passim in the Byblos letters; Knudtzon 1899b:334-337). 1I 4 (EA 103:8) and TESbLka (EA 102:7). LA (EA 136:43). In rare instances, a phonetic complement is appended to what the scribe felt was a sign that might be misread: am-qutu! MES Gub lib-Ii (EA 362:26,32). There are a few passages where the phonetic complement does not conform to the required case ending. As Moran (1950a:ll0 n. 23) has suggested, these may be "frozen forms" in which the logogram and its complement are taken together as the ideogram.

Above). On the other hand, QA almost never serves for ka4 in texts from Canaan. The attested cases are: qa-qa-ri ka4-pa- rs(1-ka4 "the ground of your treading" (EA 198:7 from Kumidi), also ki-it-ti-ka4 (EA 198:10) and ka4-li (EA 198:12), a-ia-ka4-mi (EA 149:52 from Tyre), ra[l-dap>-ra-rka41 (EA 318:17 from the north, Artzi 1968; Moran 1987b:542 n. 3; 1992:350 n. 3), and ba-as-ta-ka4 "your honor" (KL 74:300:20). GI(85) is standard for / gi / and / ge / but does have other values in the Canaanite texts.

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