Chemical Compounds in the Atmosphere by T. E. Graedel

By T. E. Graedel

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1-10 Pentane auto building mtls. diesel forest fire gasoline vapor natural gas petroleum mfr. polymer comb, syn. rubber mfr. 1-11 Isopentane auto building mtls. diesel forest fire gasoline vapor natural gas petroleum mfr. plant volatile turbine Ref. Ambient cone. 1 ALKANES E m i s s i o n and Detection Species Number Emission Name Detection Chemical Formula Source Ref. Ref. Ambient cone. 1-13 2-Methylpentane auto forest fire gasoline vapor natural gas' petroleum mfr. 1-14 3-Methylpentane auto forest fire gasoline vapor natural gas petroleum mfr.

5-34 Stannous oxide SnO lead mfr. 256* (a) zinc mfr. 256* (a) copper mfr. lead mfr. 5-36 Antimonious oxide Sn02 S2 °b3 Ref. 5-37 Tellurium dioxide Te02 lead mfr. 5-38 Lead oxide PbO copper mfr. lead mfr. steel mfr. 5-40 Lead tetroxide lead mfr. 5-41 Sodium carbonate N a 2C 0 3 lead mfr. lime mfr. 5-42 Magnesium carbonate MgC03 lime mfr. wood pulping 256* (a) 256* (a) 213(a),589(a) 280(a) Ambient cone. 4-4. 5 I N O R G A N I C E L E M E N T S , H Y D R I D E S , O X I D E S , and C A R B O N A T E S E m i s s i o n and Detection Emission Species Number 12 •4^ Oo Name Detection Chemical Formula Source Ref.

T h e concerns of this book are principally with chemical com­ p o u n d s , but it is interesting to note in passing that 84 e l e m e n t s have been detected in a m b i e n t aerosol samples, although the c o m p o u n d s of which they are a part remain to be specified. T h r e e of the e l e m e n t s are products of nuclear weapons testing; the r e m a i n d e r are apparently natural. 5-3. A detailed dis­ cussion of the elemental analyses of a m b i e n t aerosols and the implica­ tions of such work for aerosol chemistry is given by R a h n (476).

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