Chemical Modeling in Aqueous Systems. Speciation, Sorption, by Everett A. (ed.) Jenne

By Everett A. (ed.) Jenne

content material: Chemical modeling : ambitions, difficulties, ways, and priorities / Everett A. Jenne --
Sulfur speciations and redox procedures in decreasing environments / Jacques Boulegue and Gil Michard --
Redox equilibria of iron in acid mine waters / Darrell Kirk Nordstrom, Everett A. Jenne, and James W. Ball --
effect of redox environments at the mobility of arsenic in floor water / J. Gulens, D.R. Champ, and R.E. Jackson --
answer thermochemistry of humic ingredients : acid-base equilibria of river water humic ingredients / E.M. Perdue --
Conditional balance constants for copper ions with ligands in common waters / consistent M.G. Van Den Berg and James R. Kramer --
Ion trade on humic fabrics : a standard answer strategy / Joseph P. Frizado --
Chemical speciation of copper in river water : impact of overall copper, pH, carbonate, and dissolved natural subject / William G. Sunda and Peter J. Hanson --
Nickel complexes with soil microbial metabolites : mobility and speciation in soils / R.E. Wildung, T.R. Garland, and H. Drucker --
balance floor proposal : a quantitative version for complexation in multiligand combos / Patrick Mac Carthy and Garon C. Smith --
Applicability of the neighborhood equilibrium assumption to move via soils of solutes suffering from ion trade / Ronald V. James and Jacob Rubin --
Adsorption of lead from resolution at the quartz- and feldspar-containing silt fraction of a traditional streambed sediment / David W. Brown --
Oceanic elemental scavenging / Peter G. Brewer and Wei Min Hao --
floor of goethite ([alpha]FeOOH) in seawater / Laurie Balistrieri and James W. Murray --
Speciation of adsorbed ions on the oxide/water interface / James A. Davis and James O. Leckie --
severe assessment of plutonium equilibria of environmental problem / Jess M. Cleveland --
expected loose energies of formation, water solubilities, and balance fields for schuetteite (Hg₃O₂SO₄) and corderoite (Hg₃S₂Cl₂) at 298 ok / George A. Parks and Darrell Kirk Nordstrom --
strategies of estimating thermodynamic houses for a few aqueous complexes of geochemical curiosity / Donald Langmuir --
severe overview of the equilibrium constants for kaolinite and sepiolite / R.L. Bassett, Y.K. Kharaka, and D. Langmuir --
Ion alternate and mineral balance : are the reactions associated or separate? / J.A. Kittrick --
Silica obvious solubilities and charges of dissolution and precipitation for ca. 25 universal minerals at 1°-2°C, pH 7.5-8.5 in seawater / David C. Hurd, Charles Fraley, and James okay. Fugate --
Dissolution kinetics of silicate rocks : software to solute modeling / paintings F. White and Hans C. Claassen --
Calcium phosphates : speciation, solubility, and kinetic concerns / G.H. Nancollas, Z. Amjad, and P. Koutsoukos --
Chemistry of calcium carbonate within the deep oceans / John W. Morse and Robert C. Berner --
serious evaluate of the kinetics of calcite dissolution and precipitation / L.N. Plummer, D.L. Parkhurst, and T.M.L. Wigley --
hint steel bioavailability : modeling chemical and organic interactions of sediment-bound zinc / S.N. Luoma and G.W. Bryan --
impact of the physicochemical type of hint metals on their accumulation by way of bivalve molluscs / Florence L. Harrison --
Relationships of actions of metal-ligand species to aquatic toxicity / V.R. Magnuson, D.K. Harriss, M.S. solar, D.K. Taylor, and G.E. Glass --
serious review of the connection among organic thermodynamic and electrochemical availability / M. Whitfield and D.R. Turner --
Equilibrium chemistry of heavy metals in centred electrolyte answer / Abraham E. Van Luik and Jerome J. Jurinak --
Heterogeneous interactions of arsenic in aquatic platforms / Thomas R. Holm, Marc A. Anderson, Dennis G. Iverson, and Robert S. Stanforth --
Distribution, shipping, adsorption, and precipitation of inorganic phosphorus within the Genesee River / M.M. Reddy --
Equilibrium, kinetic, and chromatographic controls of the answer composition got through the in situ leaching of a uranium orebody / R.W. Potter, II, J.M. Thompson, M.A. Clynne, and V.L. Thurmond --
software of geochemical kinetic info to ground-water structures / A tuffaceous-rock approach in southern Nevada --
Hans C. Claassen and paintings F. White --
A initial complete version for the chemistry of sulfidic marine sediments / Leonard Rorert Gardner --
WATEQ2 : a automatic chemical version for hint and significant point speciation and mineral equilibria of traditional waters / James W. Ball, Everett A. Jenne, and Darrell Kirk Nordstrom --
Chemical modeling of hint steel equilibria in infected soil suggestions utilizing the pc application GEOCHEM / Shas V. Mattigod and Garrison Sposito --
A comparability of automated chemical types for equilibrium calculations in aqueous platforms / D.K. Nordstrom, L.N. Plummer, T.M.L. Wigley, T.J. Wolery, J.W. Ball, E.A. Jenne, R.L. Bassett, D.A. Crerar, T.M. Florence, B. Fritz, M. Hoffman, G.R. Holdren, Jr., G.M. Lafon, S.V. Mattigod, R.E. McDuff, F. Morel, M.M. Reddy, G. Sposito, and J. Thrailkill.

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56-65, in "Proceedings of 2nd Intern. Symp. on Water-Rock Interaction", vol. 4, Sciences Géologiques, Université de Strasbourg, 1977. 23. Helgeson H . C . , Evaluation of irreversible reaction in geochemical processes involving minerals and aqueous solutions - I Thermodynamic relations. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 32, 853-877 (1968). 24. , Michard G . , and Bocquier G . , Une méthode de simulation de l'évolution des profils d'altération. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 40, 207-213 (1977). 25. Sillèn L . G .

S i n c e the r e a c t i o n r a t e depends upon the a v a i l a b i l i t y of F e ^ , the o x i d a t i o n h a l f - r e a c t i o n + F e 2+ F e 3+ + e (3) has been c a l l e d the r a t e - d e t e r m i n i n g step i n the f o r m a t i o n of a c i d mine drainage (^3). R e a c t i o n 3 proceeds so s l o w l y under a c i d c o n d i t i o n s that a c i d mine waters would not commonly occur were i t not f o r the a c i d o p h i l i c i r o n - o x i d i z i n g b a c t e r i u m Thiobacillus ferrooxidans.

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