Chemical physics of solids and their surfaces Volume 7; A by M W Roberts; J M Thomas; R I Bickley

By M W Roberts; J M Thomas; R I Bickley

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Williams, and J. M. S. Chem. , 1978, 134. G. M. Parkinson, J. M. Thomas, J. Williams, M. J. Goringe, and L. W. S. Perkins ZZ, 1976. 31 Chemical Physics of Solids and their Surfaces 32 neighbouring atoms of nearby molecules; this interaction between ‘non-bonded’ atoms gives rise to attractive London forces, otherwise known as van der Waals or dispersion interactions (cf. optical dispersion phenomena). The attraction potential is represented by the --A/r6 term (r is the distance between the two interacting atoms and A is a constant) due to the fluctuating dipole-dipole interactions.

1967, 47, 4680. * K. V. Mirskaya, I. E. Kozlova, and V. F. Bereznitskaya, Phys. Status Solidii, 1974,62b,291. A. J. , 1975,A31, 380. A. Gavezzoti and M. , 1975, A31, 645. * The constants quoted here are from the corresponding noble gas atomic values given by Hill [T. L. Hill, J. Chem. , 1948, 16, 3991. 6 A. For cross atomic interactions, except for C H, the geometric mean was used for estimating the A and C constants and the arithmetic mean for B. * P. A. Reynolds, J. K. Kjems, and J. W. White, J.

1967, 47, 21. T. L. Wright and D. B. Stewart, Amer. , 1968, 53, 38. W. S. MacKenzie, Amer. J . , 1952, Bowen, Vol. 319. Defects and Microstructures in Feldspars 29 microstructure which are present, and of the TEM methods of observing directly the defects involved in the formation of these microstructures. There is, at present, little controversy about the interpretation of BF and D F electron microscope images in terms of current theory of electron diffraction contrast. Hence, there is fairly general agreement about the nature of the microstructures observed using these modes of observation.

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