Chinua Achebe's Things fall apart by David Whittaker; Mpalive-Hangson Msiska

By David Whittaker; Mpalive-Hangson Msiska

Creation 1. Texts and Contexts 2. serious historical past three. serious Readings four. extra examining and internet assets Notes on members Bibliography Index

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Although the changes were widely held to be unsatisfactory, from 1951 onwards the character of the nationalist struggle in the country changed, becoming largely non-violent and based on the agitation of constitutional political parties, as Olajide Aluko states: ‘Under the new constitution . . the struggle for independence was conducted mainly through constructive, and constitutional, agitation. ’37 The immense changes that took place in the political, economic and social circumstances in the country during the post-war years also generated an unprecedented sense of national idealism.

140. 18 Chinua Achebe, ‘The Novelist as Teacher’ (1965) reprinted in Morning Yet on Creation Day, London: Heinemann, 1975, p. 45. 16 TEXT AND CONTEXTS witnessing the first sustained flowering of modern sub-Saharan African literature, and scattered across the continent a small number of writers were producing groundbreaking works: the Anglophone (English language) writers Peter Abrahams, Ezekiel Mphahlele and D. Can Themba in South Africa; the Francophone (French language) writers Mongo Beti in Cameroon and Camara Laye in Guinea, together with Sembene Ousmane and the poets Leon Damas and Leopold Sedar Senghor in Senegal.

The democratic nature of Igbo society was coupled with an encouragement of healthy individual and group rivalry and an emphasis on individual accomplishment. 45 A system of titles was bestowed on men, based on an individual’s achievements and personal success, as a sign of their status and rank in their communities. This was not a unitary hierarchy, however, for other social groups and allegiances within the society created a system of checks and balances. Age was particularly revered in traditional Igbo society, and everyone belonged to a horizontal system of kinship groups based on their age.

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