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Ultimate neurophysiologists and psychophysicists supply pertinent info at the nature of illustration on the earliest phases as this can constrain the disposition of all next processing. This processing is mentioned in different varieties of visible notion.


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Input from a hyperpolarizing diffuse bipolar cell to the outer dendritic tree could provide the yellow-OFF component of the response. (C) For midget ganglion cells, dendritic clustering suggests an anatomical basis for cone type-specific connections with midget bipolar cells. In the retinal periphery, midget bipolar cells contact only single cone pedicles and could thus convey pure L-cone (long-wavelength-sensitive)or M-cone (medium-wavelength-sensitive) signals to the IPL. In the retinal periphery, midget ganglion cell dendritic trees probably receive convergent input from a large number of midget bipolar cells (Dacey 1993b).

References Curcio CA, Allen KA 1990 Topography of ganglion cells in human retina. J Comp Neurol 300:5-25 Curcio CA, Allen KA, Sloan KR et a1 1991 Distribution and morphology of human cone photoreceptors stained with anti-blue opsin. J Comp Neurol 3 12:610-624 De Monasterio FM, McCrane EP, Newlander JK, Schein SJ 1985 Density profile of blue-sensitive cones along the horizontal meridian of Macaque retina. Invest Ophthalmol & Visual Sci 26:289-302 Mollon JD, Bowmaker J K 1992 The spatial arrangement of cones in the primate fovea.

Even in primary visual cortex, however, this convergence enables the stimulus specificities of cells to be influenced by the context within which a local feature is presented. Contextual influences on receptive field properties Given the picture of the horizontal plexus, its distribution, relationship to functional architecture and synaptic physiology, one is left with the question of the functional role of horizontal connections in influencing receptive field properties and the perceptual consequences of these influences.

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