Coatings Tribology by K. Holmberg, A. Matthews

By K. Holmberg, A. Matthews

This ebook provides a basic view on skinny floor coatings used for tribological functions and it's in keeping with the present nation of realizing. The mechanisms of friction and put on in sliding and rolling contacts of lined surfaces are defined. uncomplicated info on coating thoughts, tribology and floor mechanisms is given. in response to gathered experimental works details is given at the homes of skinny smooth coatings, akin to polymer, lamellar strong and delicate steel coatings; skinny demanding coatings, reminiscent of nitride, carbide, oxide, boride and diamond and diamond-like coatings; and multi-component and multi-layer coatings. The impression of interface layers and lubricants is highlighted. The tools to be had for characterization of lined surfaces and for mechanical and chemical review in their tribological houses are defined. Tribological review tools for sped up and box trying out and the necessity for standardization of caliber coverage tactics are mentioned. a strategy for the choice of skinny coatings for tribological functions is gifted and information dependent specialist procedure techniques for coating choice are reviewed. for various software examples, the fundamental tribological touch mechanisms are defined and the probabilities for bettering their tribological homes through the use of floor coatings are mentioned. the applying examples comprise sliding and rolling bearings, gears, instruments for slicing and forming, erosion resistant purposes, magnetic recording platforms and bio-medical implants.

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In the authors’ view these systems have similarities to plasma or ion-based thermochemical processing systems, such as plasma-nitriding or plasma carburising and there is clearly significant potential for using such systems in two-stage or duplex processes for pre or post treatment during plasma-assisted PVD or CVD processing (Matthews, 1985). The concept of combining ion-implantation technology with PVD or CVD has been quite widely studied. For example a beam source can be utilised to achieve so-called ion beam mixing.

The action of metal cutting has been described as abrasive wear on a large scale. A distinction is often made between two-body and three-body abrasive wear, where the latter refers to situations in which hard particles are introduced between the moving surfaces. , 1982; Misra and Finnie, 1982; Abebe and Appl, 1988a and b; Zum Gahr,1989; and Kato, 1992). The effect of asperity deformation is due to the roughness and waviness of the contacting surfaces. A collision of two asperities results in plastic deformation of one or both of the asperities leading to material removal from the asperities.

The chemical reduction process is used, for example, by spraying a solution of metal ions and reducing agents on to a surface, such that the metal coating builds up. The technique can work on metals and plastics, but the adhesion levels can be poor. Examples of coating materials which can be deposited in this way are silver, gold and copper. Electroless deposition of nickel, normally with phosphorus or boron additions, is an increasingly important coating technology. The additions derive from the reducing agents used, eg.

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