Cometography : a catalog of comets. Vol. 4, 1933-1959 by Gary W. Kronk

By Gary W. Kronk

Cometography is a multi-volume catalog of each comet saw all through historical past; this fourth quantity contains a specified account from 1933 to 1959. It attracts from the main trustworthy orbits recognized to pinpoint the precise position and direction of every comet. The comets are indexed in chronological order, and every access contains information about actual visual appeal in addition to references to guides with regards to the comet for additional analyzing. This publication is the main entire and complete choice of comet facts to be had, and offers novice astronomers, and historians of technological know-how, with a definitive reference on comets during the a long time.

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31 years. Multiple apparition orbits were computed by Rasmusen (1953), B. G. Marsden (1968, 1969, and 1973), and G. 42 years. 1863. T 1935 Aug. 9 (V1964) full moon: Dec. 20, 1935 Jan. 19, Feb. 18, Mar. 20, Apr. 18, May 18, Jun. 16, Jul. 16, Aug. 14, Sep. 12, Oct. 12, Nov. 10, Dec. 10, 1936 Jan. 8, Feb. 7, Mar. 8, Apr. 6, May 6, Jun. 5 19 catalog of comets sources: P. J. Harris and J. D. McNeile, BAA Handbook for 1935 (1934), p. 25; A. A. Wachmann, BZAN, 16 (1934 Aug. 15), p. 46; A. A. Wachmann, HAC, No.

The moon was full on April 18. Multiple apparition orbits have been calculated by S. Kanda and H. Hirose (1936), F. R. Cripps (1949), G. Merton (1949), and B. G. Marsden (1979). 90 by Marsden. Marsden’s orbit 16 catalog of comets was the first to use more than five positions from the first two apparitions, as well as perturbations by all nine planets. His orbit is given below. T 1935 Apr. 5 (V1964) full moon: Oct. 22, Nov. 21, Dec. 20, 1935 Jan. 19, Feb. 18, Mar. 20, Apr. 18 sources: J. T. Foxell and A.

19) L. C. 2, at α = 23h 59m , δ = +74°. In a telegram immediately sent to G. van Biesbroeck (Yerkes Observatory, Wisconsin, USA) he described the comet as 9th magnitude, with an extremely slow motion. 8. He added that the coma contained a well-condensed nucleus and exhibited a tail extending 5 toward PA 310°. Van Biesbroeck immediately telegraphed the news of the discovery to Harvard College Observatory (Massachusetts, USA), where the comet was photographed by F. L. Whipple and L. E. 34. The comet had attained its most northerly declination of +79° on March 28.

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