Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping to Reveal Global and by Pamela Elizabeth Clark

By Pamela Elizabeth Clark

Whereas traditional maps could be expressed as outward-expanding formulae with well-defined primary gains and comparatively poorly outlined edges, consistent Scale typical Boundary (CSNB) maps have well-defined obstacles that end result from typical procedures and hence enable spatial and dynamic relationships to be saw in a brand new means worthy to knowing those techniques. CSNB mapping provides a brand new method of visualization that produces maps markedly diversified from these produced by way of traditional cartographic equipment.

In this procedure, any physique will be represented by way of a 3D coordinate method. For a typical physique, with its floor quite gentle at the scale of its dimension, destinations of positive aspects might be represented via convinced geographic grid (latitude and longitude) and elevation, or deviation from the triaxial ellipsoid outlined floor. a continuing floor in this physique might be segmented, its targeted nearby terranes enclosed, and their inter-relationships outlined, by utilizing chosen morphologically identifiable aid gains (e.g., continental divides, plate obstacles, river or present systems). during this manner, areas of contrast on a wide, basically round physique might be mapped as two-dimensional ‘facets’ with their obstacles representing neighborhood to global-scale asymmetries (e.g., continental crust, continental and oceanic crust in the world, farside unique thicker crust and nearside thinner influence punctuated crust at the Moon). In the same demeanour, an abnormal item reminiscent of an asteroid, with a floor that's tough at the scale of its measurement, will be logically segmented alongside edges of its impact-generated faces.

Bounded faces are imagined with hinges at occasional issues alongside limitations, leading to a foldable ‘shape model.’ therefore, bounded faces develop organically out of the main compelling average positive factors. seen limitations keep an eye on the map’s extremities, and peripheral areas aren't dismembered or grossly distorted as in traditional map projections. second maps and 3D versions develop out of an object’s most evident face or terrane ‘edges,’ rather than arbitrarily by way of implementing a standard grid procedure or utilizing on a regular basis formed aspects to symbolize an abnormal surface.

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CSNB maps are ideally suited for displaying global patterns and disturbances in these patterns induced by storm systems or climate change as a function of time or environmental conditions using available parameters with patterns in maxima and minima distribution, such as wave height, roughness, or direction; air pressure, density, temperature, or composition. Fluids induce surface morphology-modifying erosional or depositional processes on solid surfaces (Clark and Rilee 2010). , dendritic versus trellis stream distribution).

An example is in Sect. ) For regular objects, the only true 3D representations are triaxial ellipsoids, so such models, while instructive in showing relationships, will not be true representations. However for irregular objects such as asteroids, CSNB models made from highly segmented maps will be the truest representations, as discussed in Chap. 6. And printed flat sheets can be folded to make 3D photoreal models, a capability of obvious economic virtue, a dollop of public fascination (Jacobs 2009) and high educational value (Lakdawalla 2008).

CSNB maps should fold neatly, without gaps. If not, a mistake exists in the map’s border. Forms should ‘close’ in a similar sense as an accurate survey does when metes and bounds are plotted. We see a larger inference than mere drafting accuracy in this property. The lower form in Fig. 3c is a smaller volume because of its smaller surface. While it shouldn’t surprise topologists that CSNB maps always fold, the volumetric change within a constant perimeter, Panofsky’s prototopological property, demonstrates that constant edge scale is the sole necessity for foldability.

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