Couplings And Joints Design Selection And Application by Jon R. Mancuso

By Jon R. Mancuso

"Second variation presents new fabric on coupling rankings, common goal couplings as opposed to unique function couplings, retrofitting of lubricated couplings to nonlubricated couplings, torsional damping couplings, torquemeter couplings, and more."

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Medium-sized equipment (I 00-1000 hp) is not normally critical to the operation of the plant but can be problematic and costly if constant maintenance and downtime are required. It uses grid, gear, disc, and elastomeric couplings. The decision as to which type of coupling to use is probably based on what comes with the equipment. Each equipment manufacturer bases its selection on past price, experience, and a preference to work with one coupling manufacturer rather than another. ” Over time, maintenance departments eventually develop a preference based on pump duty, type of maintenance performed, and, sometimes, just their own personal preference.

2. 37) transmit torque through an intermediate square floating member and compensate for all three types of misalignments by sliding action between the closely fitted center member and the adjacent driving and driven jaw flanges. These couplings are used in small and sometimes medium-sized equipment applications. Note: Some forms of this type of coupling are known as Oldham couplings. IV. SPECIAL-PURPOSE COUPLINGS There are two categories of special-purpose couplings: lubricated and nonlubricated.

For applications requiring over 1/2" of Flexibility, curved teeth may be better. These couplings obtain their flexibility from the looseness (backlash) between the mating teeth. Gear couplings are used for medium-sized and large equipment applications and are probably the most power-dense type of couplings available. They require periodic lubrication, every 1-2 years, depending on the work duty and type of lubrication. 16 Straight tooth gear coupling. 17 Crowned tooth gear coupling. ) tained (good lubrication and reasonable alignment), gear couplings have a service life of 3-5 years, in many cases 5-10 years.

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