Crisis, Adjustment and Growth in Uganda: A Study of by Arne Bigsten

By Arne Bigsten

Uganda within the Seventies and early Nineteen Eighties used to be one in every of Africa's extra tragic monetary tales. rising from civil conflict, it needed to embark on reform within the early to mid-1980s from a place of critical political weak point. within the examine, the results of monetary coverage on the combination point are mentioned intimately, yet 'snapshot' empirical analyses of responses on the loved ones point, either city and rural, also are provided. Uganda used to be for a few years thought of to be Africa's 'worst case'; its contemporary restoration hence offers wish for comparable international locations within the region.

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While emergency war expenditures and the need to repair industries and other infrastructure continued, this measure allowed increased rent-seeking activities by, and premiums to, those lucky enough to have access to official allocations of foreign currency. 1). ' Little thought was given to the administrative effort necessary to ensure compliance. When these 'essential' imports arrived in the country, the government was faced with the problem of distribution. Initially, the village resistance 40 Crisis, Adjustment and Growth in Uganda councils (RC1s) were enthusiastically thought to be the natural distribution points, but the logistics proved too complex for consumer goods other than sugar and salt.

3. The East African Currency Board was established in London in 1919 to issue and redeem East African currency in exchange for UK pounds sterling (see Bank of Uganda, 1970). 4. In August 1965, the Uganda Commercial Bank was launched. 5. Obote went on to add that they have never shown any commitment to the cause of Uganda or even to Africa. Their interest is to make money, which they exported to various capitals of the world on the eve of our independence. 6. President Obote (Uganda, 1970: 6) stated: Like in the case of the Cooperative Movement, with regard to the ginning of cotton and the processing of coffee, some of the parastatal bodies will in future have monopoly in the fields of their activities, to the exclusion of any countrywide private enterprise ...

Appendix 4A: Analytical Framework In analyses of economic adjustment, changes in the real exchange rate are of interest because, while the nominal exchange rate is often politically determined, the real rate is endogenous. The real exchange rate measures the extent to which the government has been able to bring about a change in domestic relative prices, and thus potentially in sectoral production. With the small country assumption (the terms of trade given) exportables and importables can be grouped together into a composite category, tradables.

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