Current Approaches to African Linguistics by John P. Hutchinson, Victor Manfredi

By John P. Hutchinson, Victor Manfredi

E-book by way of Hutchinson

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Schlindwein, D. 1988 The phonological geometry of morpheme concatenation, University of Southern California dissertation. Yip, M. , Brandeis University. Chapter 5 Vocalic epenthesis reanalyzed: the case of Tangale E m m a n u e l Nikiema, Université du Québec à M o n t r é a l In the phonological literature, vocalic epenthesis is viewed essentially as segmental insertion with the goal of breaking up forbidden consonant clusters. I will demonstrate that this long-held assumption is wrong. Rule-based approaches to vocalic epenthesis face both empirical and theoretical problems.

I will demonstrate that this long-held assumption is wrong. Rule-based approaches to vocalic epenthesis face both empirical and theoretical problems. I will propose a principled analysis framed in terms of the theory of government and charm (Kaye, Lowenstamm and Vergnaud 1985, 1987) which provides a radically different and more explanatory view. Data from Tangale, a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria, are given in section 1 (cf. Kidda 1985). Section 2 presents the syllable inventory of the language.

While these facts can be formalized in additional autosegmental mechanisms, the necessity of doing so suggests the inadequacy of unidirectional mapping for an essentially metrical phenomenon. 3. 1 R o o t - b a s e d p r o c e s s e s The fact that geminate clusters are freely split in (1) can be explained by appealing to the notion of levels of morphology (Kiparsky 1982). Keegan (1986,1987) has argued that the processes in (1) apply to roots, not to words; they may thus be viewed as level 1 processes, intrinsically ordered prior to word-based processes such as those in (3, 5, 7-9).

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