Curse on the Land: A History of the Mozambican Civil War by David Alexander Robinson

By David Alexander Robinson

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The centrality of the Renamo organisation itself in his history (as opposed to a focus on southern Africa’s regional dynamics) allows Cabrita to recognise the international assistance that Renamo received, but to sideline its significance. Cabrita also constructs a plausible military history of the conflict’s campaigns that denies cross-border assistance from Malawi and the Comoros Islands, and emphasises domestic support for the movement. A major component of Cabrita’s case for Renamo’s political legitimacy is the attention he gives to the history of Mozambique’s liberation period.

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Zimbabwe’s Military Aggression and Human Rights Abuse Within Mozambique, and, A British Legal Perspective on Renamo in Mozambique. 60 56 Bob McKenna, “Renamo: Freedom Fighters’ Agenda for Victory”, Soldier of Fortune, May 1987; Bob Jordan, “Mission Mozambique: SOF Escorts Missionaries Out of Combat Zone”, Soldier of Fortune, January 1988. 57 Sibyl W. : United States Global Strategy Council, 1989). 58 Gerald Horne, From the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War Against Zimbabwe 19651980, (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2001), p276.

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