Cybernetics of the Nervous System by Norbert and J. P. Schade (edited by) Wiener

By Norbert and J. P. Schade (edited by) Wiener

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The basic system considered is that of a DNA + mRNA + protein system with feedback inhibition from protein to DNA via some intermediary (see Jacob and Monod, or. ). The following non-linear differential equation is derived for such a system + br Yr + a, kr Yr) = G (26) 2 kr where X,, Y, are the concentrations of mRNA and protein at the rth synthesising system, and where the other parameters are various complex parameters containing rate constants for various chemical interactions taking place - the system being of course in a stationary state.

T - 1, t they are called dejinite ecents of duration m. Otherwise they are called indefinite events. The main problem in the McCulloch-Pitts theory is the representation of such events (or, in another language, the recognition of such configurations), and the following theorems are proved : + ( I ) To each . . definite event there is an acyclic network f: neurons in the network at time t + 2. + which represents the event by firing some (2) Any event which is representable in an acyclic network by such a firing at time t definite.

The second part of the problem consists of understanding how these elements are organized as a whole, and how the functioning of the whole is expressed in terms of the elements. The first part of the problem. . is closely connected with. . organic chemistry and physical chemistry and may in due course be greatly helped by quantum mechanics. . The second T H E PROBLEM OF O R G A N I S M I C RELIABILITY 25 part is (connected with logic) . . (We) remove the first part of the problem by the process of axiomatiration, and concentrate on the second one.

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