Detail specifications for building 80-ft. motor torpedo by Electric Boat Company.; United States. Navy Dept. Bureau of

By Electric Boat Company.; United States. Navy Dept. Bureau of Ships

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Fit one fixed deck light matching that in crew's lavatory. W-1-d. -Accommodations shall be provided for 8 men in 4 transom berths, and 4 canvas- and roller-type berths fitted with canvas bottoms, over. Lower berths shall follow inboard edge of outboard girder, and shall parallel floor with 26 transverse bearers and portable plywood tops with finger holes. Crew's lockers in two units shall be placed on forward and after bulkheads as shown, to be framed up of western red cedar, the door frames only being of mahogany.

50 cal. ammunition shall be provided in crew's dayroom under settee on port side, and in locker on starboard side of bridge, with outboard door, forward of the machine-gun turret. Stowage shall be provided for four boxes of ammunition. Small arms stowage shall be provided for all items on ordnance allowance list. Stowage shall be provided for 20-mm. htm (39 of 44)7/19/2006 16:45:28 DETAIL SPECIFICATIONS FOR BUILDING MOTOR TORPEDO BOATS 29 6 drums of ammunition shall be fitted with felt bearer strips and hinged covers.

Galley soap dish shall be mounted above sink and through bolted to bulkhead. Garbage receptacle of rectangular section, metal guides, and jump type retaining strip shall be fitted below counter cupboard and shall be easily removable. Overhead ventilator of trunk type opening below the shelf in chart house with side outlet ventilator on deck house shall be provided. Fit two fixed deck lights to aline with those in crew's quarters. Electric stove and installation on shelf abaft ice box, with lockers below and outboard.

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