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Most parallel-arm robots are built from carbon fibre in order to minimise their weight. The speed can be easily increased by multiplying the number of robots on the packing line. In the biscuit or chocolate industry, it is not unusual to see 10–12 robots operating close together. At the same time, when the package process permits, it is also possible to install gripping tools which take two or three items per cycle instead of just one, and therefore enhance the speed of the line. The use of parallel-arm robots in the food or pharmaceutical industry has led manufacturers to develop easy-clean equipment.

All around this wheel, 20 stations permit the taking of the carton from the feeder bin, forming it, filling it with blister and directions and then closing it. Another benefit of circular architecture is the reduction of space occupied by the machine, which is also often a customer requirement. FDIBOJDBMUVSSFU TUBUJPOT GPMEFEDBSUPOT BSFPQFOFEBOEJOUSPEVDFEJOTJEFUIFLFH Source: CAM Reduction of Another way to increase the speed of machines is to reduce production stops as much production stoppages as possible.

In the first case, hoods are applied on the load by spreading them mechanically (some stretch plastics can stretch by 15–25%) in a movement going from the top to the lower part, and then letting the stretch close when the pallet is totally protected. Manufacturers use HDPE (high-density polyethylene) films for this purpose, the thickness of which can vary from 40–200 micrometres. Shrink hoods are made from specific plastics (known as memory-shape plastics) which tend to narrow with heat. As with stretch hoods, the machine sets the hood on the load.

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